Nightmare on My Street

November 24th, 2015

Last evening I went for a walk with my dog. It was a lovely evening, brisk air, stars were out. A couple of people were meandering towards us. My dog started growling at them. That was totally unlike her. I noticed that they were lurching as if unsteady on their feet. Their clothes were ragged and their faces. Oh my god, zombies. I started to panic – this can’t be happening. What a nightmare! I turned and ran. But, I tripped over the dog. The zombies were coming closer and then one leaned over me and asked if I was hurt. Startled I didn’t answer. The second one said that I must be scared because of their costumes. Turns out, they were on their way to an “undead” party. After they helped me to my feet, I got the name of their wedding makeup artist Manchester and started mentally planning my next party.

Being gay in today’s society

August 23rd, 2015

It is not illegal to be gay and to love another person. However the uniting of people by marriage is rejected by a large amount of society. Different reasons are given, including the belief that gays, have a choice as too whom they feel attracted to. Many people feel that being gay, is a life style choice. However the majority of gay dating man think that they were born with their sexual orientation.

In the United State, you get many privileges from the Government for being married. These benefits are not available to Gay couples. But yet Gay couples are just as capable of raising children as a heterosexual couple. Some might even argue that it would be better for a child to be in the care of a loving Gay couple then a dysfunction heterosexual family.

An Unfrozen Business

August 20th, 2015

My new business started off without a hitch. There were brand ambassadors who made sure that new customers knew about the company. Although it was a simple business of selling ice cream, it was one that I was proud to call mine as I made different flavors that not many other people had tried to create. The day came when it was time to either grow and expand or close as a new ice cream parlor was opening in the next city. My ambassadors went out of their way to make sure I had enough customers to keep the small town parlor alive and well. There were promotions and giveaways as well as new flavors that were researched and served. I don’t think I could have done the job and maintained by business if it wasn’t for the help of these people.

Water Filtration Media

August 4th, 2015

This water filtration media is used to help keep the quality of the water pure. It also helps with the streams, lakes, rivers by taking out the negative things in the water, such as solid materials that do not belong there. Other names for this is called an organic filter. Overall, it helps to clarify the water and make it usable for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
This is done with many solid materials crumbled in pieces of ash or other things and is filtered.
Carbon Adsorption is used in the home to take out certain particles that are not agreeable to the smell or taste buds. Microporous Basic Filtration focuses on three areas, depth, screen and surface.
• Depth Filters are pre-filters because they have the most material that will purify water.
• Screen Filter has one type of arrangement like a colander and retains larger pieces.
• Surface Filter is made from many layers of the media, so nothing gets through.

Doctors Can Help You Hear Again

July 28th, 2015

I have a problem that I have always had to deal with and that is the problem of having too much build up of ear wax. It has gotten so bad for me in the past that I haven’t even been able to hear. This is something that I need to seek medical attention for. It is pretty easy to find a good ENT doctor that will be able to help you with your ear wax removal Stockport. They have the special training and skills that it takes in order to really help you to hear again. The process is very painless, and can help you to really maintain a great level of comfort that you were not able to have when you had all of your ear wax build up. These ENT doctors will be able to help you finally hear again at full volume.

Running Ragged

July 21st, 2015

Everyone has been through a breakup at one time or another. Some break ups are easier than others. Nothing can prepare you for coming home and finding your partner with someone else. Needless to say I was not pleased and after a lot of yelling and screaming I threw him out. I began to collect his things and proceeded to pack up every memory.

While all this is going on I have a million things to do and meetings up the yin yang. I was running myself ragged. I left endless messages for him to come and retrieve his things and each message was met with silence. So, I took it upon myself to destroy every item. I was left with a pile of rubble so I took it to the recycle center. I stood there looking at the signs above each container recycled glass media. I threw it all in the recycled it was no use to me.

Rosie the Paver

July 17th, 2015

Rosie was the descendant of a long line of hard working women. She was small in size, but that didn’t stop her. With three kids to feed she worked two jobs, and was always looking for more work besides them. When her husband ran off with his secretary two years before, she decided she didn’t need a man. He was rarely there for her anyways. When a new paving company came to town, they started hiring a lot of people right away. The hours were long, and the work was hard. Rosie read the job add they had put in the paper, and the pay they were offering was more than twice what her jobs were paying. The next morning she applied in person, and before long she was doing porous permeable paving. The supervisor couldn’t believe his eyes, she worked harder than most of his men put together. He went up to her, and asked if she had any friends that worked as hard as she did. She told him yes, and said that they were single mothers like her. Before long, the paving crew became mostly women, and it was all thanks to Rosie the Paver.

The Cheaper Way

July 2nd, 2015

Silica sand is the cheaper way to do many things today. For one, this sand is a lot cheaper when it comes to a pool. Regular sand can cost a person anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars to support a pool. Silica will cost a person around twenty dollars or less to support a pool.

Silica can also be used in a litter box. This saves the cat owner a lot of money, and it also help the home to smell better, too.

Because Silica is so white, it can also be used in construction jobs. These jobs can be sand blasting or even certain paint jobs. Construction jobs can get done in a quicker amount of time, too.

This sand has helped businesses save thousands and thousands of dollars, because this sand makes up for many products.