Discovering Ceramics

July 4th, 2015

My mom was an avid ceramics hobbyist. Me not so much. She made some beautiful pitcher and bowl sets plus countless figurines. A lot of momma’s work centered around the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mom didn’t really make ceramics that we could eat or drink from. I was scrolling down a google listing and noticed that one could produce china through ceramics. This was news to me. Huge news. So much so that it sparked an interest in me to give ceramics a try.

Knowing that I can make bone china is an opportunity I honestly can’t resist. I was also reading about bone china decals. What could be more perfect? I can devise my ideas around the china and the decals.

My creative juices are bubbling to the surface. I am so ready to start my adventure in ceramics land.

The Cheaper Way

July 2nd, 2015

Silica sand is the cheaper way to do many things today. For one, this sand is a lot cheaper when it comes to a pool. Regular sand can cost a person anywhere from fifty to two hundred dollars to support a pool. Silica will cost a person around twenty dollars or less to support a pool.

Silica can also be used in a litter box. This saves the cat owner a lot of money, and it also help the home to smell better, too.

Because Silica is so white, it can also be used in construction jobs. These jobs can be sand blasting or even certain paint jobs. Construction jobs can get done in a quicker amount of time, too.

This sand has helped businesses save thousands and thousands of dollars, because this sand makes up for many products.

Blinded From the Truth

June 26th, 2015

My brand new Venetians, sleek and silver, were arriving today. I couldn’t wait to put them up in my living room. The only thing left to do in the living room that I was currently renovating was to purchase a nice coffee table. Then it would all be complete. I had put so much thought into each and every detail and it was so important to me that my living room would be perfect and stay absolutely spotless.

After lunch, the delivery men arrived and in no time at all, my gorgeous blinds Manchester were up. I sank into my plum colored love seat and leaned back to take in the scene of my lovely new living room. The window coverings added so much to the room, I had to admit. I sighed contentedly, blissfully enjoying the perfect room.

Suddenly, I sat up with a jolt. I noticed some little white fuzz in the air next to the windows. I watched anxiously as the dust bunnies decided to settle right on my new Venetians!

Apparently I hadn’t gotten the memo that these types of slats majorly attract dust. I had been blinded from the truth, but was now painfully aware of my mistake. Sigh. Oh well, back to the drawing board.