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Selling Your Home? Better Upgrade!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

If you plan to sell your older home in the near future and with a family of four, your upgrading choices are the roof, yard, front door that has seen better days and looks like an outdoor dartboard, replacing the walkway pavers and repaving the holes in the driveway, you may have overlooked who may be the one lookie loo person coming to your open house. Let me help you here, folks with a glowing real estate fact. That person will be a woman, and besides a casual and quick peek at the above mentioned items, her major concern will be relegated to two things: the kitchen and the Bolton bathrooms. She may excuse the kitchen because older appliances can be replaced, but an old, ratty-looking bathroom will be a turnoff. So grab your pen and your upgrading “need-to-do” paperwork, quickly move to the top of the page, and insert: bathroom.